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FX Miner


SHA-256 / Scrypt Based Transaction Processing Systems

Business Solution
MiningFX has been manufacturing mining hardware since 2014. Our hardware-software complex runs ASIC mining chips based on SHA-256 and Scrypt algorithms. Some of the mining equipment uses GPU chips. In 2017, we changed our business model from OEM to ODM and we work with our business customers to keep the hardware to the requirements of MiningFX.

The mining ASIC market is already moving to 3rd generation ASICs, requiring a backend design that optimizes large NRE costs and power consumption. Currently, the chip used in Mining FX is a mining-only ASIC chip based on 14nm technology. It is designed to process block operation at high speed, improving hardware and reducing energy consumption.

ASIC  Next Generation 
MiningFX works with partners and investors to develop the latest ASIC chips based on the SHA-256 / Scrypt algorithm. The technical documentation is already available and we are working to release the test sample. The ASIC chip used in Mining FX is a next-generation ultra-precision ASIC chip manufactured by TSMC, Samsung Electronics, Fujitsu,

ASIC Investment inquiry
If you would like to co-develop next-generation advanced ASIC chips, please contact us. ASIC, SoC, and IP design capabilities enable customers to realize their ideas in silicon at a better quality and speed, and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace with lower cost and higher differentiation.

FX Miner Multi+  Product Spec
Multiple ASIC Chips 14nm 4 90EA
HashRate (Lite) variation: 360 MH / s
Run on: 200V-260V AC
Power consummation: 1,400 watts
Dimensions: 330mm x 320mm x 130mm
All components have a 1year warranty,
3month free repair.

Note: The finalising of our ASIC design will not affect the end product hash-rate.  360Mh/s devices are final.


FX Miner Super  Product Spec
Super ASIC Chips 14nm 7 x 100EA
HashRate (Lite) variation: 700 MH / s
Run on: 200V-260V AC
Power consummation: 1,000 watts
Dimensions: 330mm x 180mm x 160mm
All components have a 1year warranty,
3month free repair.

Note: The finalising of our ASIC design will not affect the end product hash-rate. 700Mh/s devices are final.

Why should I purchase a shared mining contract?


There are many options for those who want to share their rewards directly to save money, with the goal of supporting a Litecoin network and creating a new Litecoin. Mining FX currently starts at 50 MH and provides 500 TH at various speed assignments (see above). We strive to exceed expectations for all orders. Mining FX can offer a 10-20% lower down payment. Please contact us in the long run. We can offer you lower rates.

And yes, Bitcoin & Litecoin is allowed! Maintain transaction fees and save 2.0% when purchasing with Litecoin.
After purchasing your stock is placed in the current round, your stock will be mined for you. It's as easy as that. Purchasing also helps keep the entire node online and helps keep small people from getting hurt.

Shared Distribution System: How it Works

It is very simple: lease some of the mining equipment and allocate a percentage of the monthly mining income. Maintenance costs are electricity, facility rent, consumable A/S. There is no other fee.


Hardware and energy maintenance costs are very expensive.
Mining farms that save 50% on maintenance and energy
It is scheduled to be established within the Chinese thermal power plant complex.

Smart BlockChain Energy Farm

Mining FX

Head Office

Unit D 16/F One Capital Place 18 Luard Rd.
Wan Chai. Hong Kong

HongKong: +852) 5244 9021
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China: +86 ) 15585569110

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