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Most Profitable Mining for Miners

We pay a 100% block reward, and charge 0% fees for PPS.

Cloud Mining

Start mining immediately with our cloud mining contracts! 100% guaranteed uptime.

Energy Mining Farm Operation

We will lead the mining reform of low energy cost.

High Mining Ratio

Extract high hash values through optimization to increase daily high mining rates.

Remote Control System

It is a system that minimizes the risk by directly controlling the hardware remotely when the software can not be controlled.

Large Factory

The Etherium 1 plant has a capacity of 3,000 units, and we are preparing the Litecoin 2 plant by the second half of this year.

Multi Mining

Multi-mining and switching mining are being prepared by selecting profitable coins.

Professional Manufacturer

As a manufacturer specializing in mining equipment, the A/S & Upgrade are not comparable with other companies.

Cloud Mining

We have the highest pay rate and wide range of plans in the mining industry.


USD $ 300
  • 50 MH/s
  • Litecoin mining 1 Year contract 
  • No maintenance fee
  • Daily Fee $0,50
  • Out of stock


USD $ 600
  • 100 MH/s
  • Litecoin mining 1 Year contract 
  • No maintenance fee 
  • Daily Fee $1,00
  • Out of stock


USD $ 1200
  • 200 MH/s
  • Litecoin mining 1 Year contract 
  • No maintenance fee
  • Daily Fee $1,50
  • Out of stock


           USD $ 2100      
  • 350 MH/s
  • Litecoin mining 1 Year contract 
  • No maintenance fee
  • Daily Fee $2,50
  • Out of stock

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 Contract information

Litecoin Mining

Litecoin, made by a former Google engineer, was Bitcoin's
golden silver. It's fast, cost-effective and suitable for small
transactions and everyday spending. Litecoin uses the Scrypt
algorithm and mines with specialized ASIC hardware.
 Registered Litecoin will go to your wallet as soon as you
request withdrawal from the dashboard.

Contract time : 12 Months

Maintenance fee : No maintenance fee applied for the whole
contract time

Setup progress

MiningFX will endeavor to provide up-to-date information that Litecoin Miner can use partially or wholly for all systems developed through the dashboard.





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